Lunar Calendar 2019 & 2018 – Moon Phases

My Lunar Calendar 2019 includes the dates, names and times of all full moons that occur in 2019. Each of the full 2019 moons has given a specific name (full moon names) with fascinating facts behind its meaning , including the famous Blue Moon. And in case you do not already know, a full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The full moon calendar is important because the lunar month is only 29 days away of duration on average, so the change of dates of the full moon from year to year.

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Lunar Calendar 2019

Sometimes you need to check when is Full Moon in 2019. If you would like to know when is the next Full Moon in 2019 months, then these templates are for you. You can check the list below for lunar 2019 calendars and you can download and take print of templates.

Lunar Calendar 2019
Lunar Calendar 2019

Lunar Calendar 2019 India

Lunar Calendar 2019 India
Lunar Calendar 2019 India
United States 2019 Lunar Calendar
United States 2019 Lunar Calendar

When is The Next Full Moon in Year 2019

New Moon

First Quarter

Full Moon

Third Quarter

Jan. 6, Su 06:59Jan. 14, Mo 12:16Jan. 21, Mo 10:47Jan. 28, Mo 02:421188
Feb. 5, Tu 02:34Feb. 13, We 03:56Feb. 19, Tu 21:23Feb. 26, Tu 16:591189
Mar. 6, We 21:35Mar. 14, Th 15:56Mar. 21, Th 07:13Mar. 28, Th 09:411190
Apr. 5, Fr 14:22Apr. 13, Sa 00:36Apr. 19, Fr 16:42Apr. 27, Sa 03:491191
May 5, Su 04:17May 12, Su 06:43May 19, Su 02:41May 26, Su 22:041192
June 3, Mo 15:32June 10, Mo 11:30June 17, Mo 14:01June 25, Tu 15:181193
July 3, We 00:47July 9, Tu 16:26July 17, We 03:09July 25, Th 06:501194
Aug. 1, Th 08:42Aug. 7, We 23:02Aug. 15, Th 18:01Aug. 23, Fr 20:281195
Aug. 30, Fr 16:08Sept. 6, Fr 08:41Sept. 14, Sa 10:05Sept. 22, Su 08:131196
Sept. 28, Sa 23:57Oct. 5, Sa 22:18Oct. 14, Mo 02:40Oct. 21, Mo 18:111197
Oct. 28, Mo 09:10Nov. 4, Mo 15:53Nov. 12, Tu 19:07Nov. 20, We 02:431198
Nov. 26, Tu 20:37Dec. 4, We 12:28Dec. 12, Th 10:44Dec. 19, Th 10:291199
Dec. 26, Th 10:451200

Lunar Calendar 2018

Full Moon Calendar 2018
Full Moon Calendar 2018

Lunar Calendar 2018 Lunar Calendar 2018

Moon Phase, Lunar Calendar 2018
Moon Phase, Lunar Calendar 2018

When full moons will occur in 2018, according to NASA:

DateNameU.S. EastUTC
Jan. 1Wolf Moon9:24 p.m.02:24
Jan. 31Snow Moon8:27 a.m.13:27
Mar. 1Worm Moon7:51 p.m.00:51 (3/2)
Mar. 31Sap Moon8:37 a.m.13:37
Apr. 29Pink Moon8:58 p.m.01:58 (4/30)
May 29Flower Moon10:20 a.m.15:20
Jun. 28Strawberry Moon12:53 a.m.05:53
Jul. 27Buck Moon4:21 p.m.21:21
Aug. 26Sturgeon Moon7:56 a.m.12:56
Sep. 24Harvest Moon10:53 p.m.03:53 (9/25)
Oct. 24Hunter’s Moon12:45 p.m.17:45
Nov. 23Beaver Moon12:39 a.m.05:39
Dec. 22Cold Moon12:49 p.m.17:49

The full Lunar moon 2019 calendar dates are expressed in UT (Coordinated Universal Time), or the Greenwich Mean Time, the international base for other time zones. If the local time zone where you are currently in daylight saving time or daylight saving time, please add one hour to the standard time that is listed in the following lunar phase tables.